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5 top tips for sealing a quick deal on a property gem

25.04.2017 Site Manager

Buying a property needn’t be a stressful and drawn out process if you’ve done your homework on what to expect. Austin Gray Residential Partner Graham Farthing shares his top tips on how to speed up a property sale from a matter of month to weeks.  

1.       Hit the ground running by setting up your finances at the start of the process

“Take a copy of your mortgage agreement, in principle, to a viewing so that you can reaffirm your interest to the agent. Even better, if you’re in the position to buy with cash, take a screenshot of your bank balance that morning on your phone to prove you have the money.”

2.       Make yourself available at all times  

“If you’ve already scheduled a drop in to see your Gran or to hit the gym then either politely explain the situation or drop your session; Gran will understand! Keep communications flowing with your agent to the point of becoming friends with them. Ring them twice weekly to say, ‘Hi, I’m still keen to buy’ to increase your chances of getting a call over another buyer. A little persistence can go a long way.”

3.       Don’t cut corners

“Make sure you have appointed a solicitor before you view so that you are ready to instruct them once your offer has been accepted. This includes all money laundering checks as they won’t be able to open a file until these have been carried out. Don’t cut corners; always use a good, reputable lawyer.  As the saying goes, ‘Pay cheap, pay twice.’”

4.       Be flexible

“Offer the seller flexibility over the sale completion date to fit around their moving requirements. Pitch an early exchange of contracts so that everyone knows the sale is done to reduce the threat of gazumping.”

5.       Negotiate wisely

“If you are going to make one offer, make sure it is your best and final offer. Emphasise to the estate agent that it is a one-time offer, but that it’s a genuine one.” 

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Our residential department has built a renowned reputation for dealing with quality homes at realistic prices. All negotiations are carried out by highly experienced personnel to ensure that the best possible price is achieved. Please call Graham on 01273 223 544 or email to discuss buying your dream property.