From time to time, you may require an expert property valuation that cannot ordinarily be gleaned through an instant or basic appraisal. Our team of Chartered Surveyors can carry out professional valuations for a variety of matters concerning your property, including for tax or matrimonial purposes, expert witness requirements and lease extensions.

We regularly work with professional landlords, Housing Associations, banks and residential and commercial tenants to provide professional services, such as:

  • Bank and finance valuations
  • Rent reviews/lease renewal valuation
  • Capital Gains and Inheritance Tax valuations
  • Probate valuations and matrimonial disputes
  • Valuations for enfranchisement
  • Red Book valuations
  • Capital Gains and Inheritance Tax valuations
  • LPA receivership reports/investigations and LPA appointments throughout the UK
  • Party wall awards
  • Valuations under the Charities Act 2011
  • Expert witness reports
  • Development appraisals

Should you require a survey, valuation or wish to discuss any property issue with an experienced and qualified member of our professional services team, please do not hesitate to get in touch on 01273 201 980 or by requesting a call back.

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Bank and finance valuations

Our surveying department is on the panel of several high street and specialist lenders, providing valuations for secured lending, working with the likes of Handelsbanken, Barclays and Cynergy. We provide valuations in connection with secured lending for these types of property:


  • Flats
  • Houses
  • Residential investment portfolios
  • Land/development site
  • Freehold ground rent investments


  • Houses in Multiple Occupation (small and large)
  • Offices
  • Retail
  • Restaurants
  • Industrial
  • Hotels and leisure
  • Health and medical (care homes, surgeries etc.)
  • Land/development site
Rent reviews

We represent both landlords and tenants in assessing and negotiating rent reviews and lease renewals for commercial premises. If you hold a commercial lease and require representation in connection with a forthcoming or outstanding review or lease end, our surveying team can provide the necessary valuation and represent you in negotiating a settlement.

Capital gains tax valuations

Capital gains tax valuations are required by HMRC for your financial adviser to then calculate your capital gains tax liability. These are often from the base year of 1982, or from the acquisition date if acquired after 1982, to the disposal date.

Inheritance Tax and matrimonial dispute valuations

Property valuations for matters concerning divorce or death are never easy, but when the time comes to consider such matters, you’ll need advice from trusted property experts. Our team of Chartered Surveyors are experts across local, regional and national property markets, meaning you’ll receive trusted and accurate advice.

Our valuation team are experienced in providing property valuations for use in divorce or separation proceedings, to support the calculations of how your assets may need to be divided. We can also provide property valuations, often referred to as ‘probate valuations’, for clients administering the estate of a benefactor, where the total estate value will need to be valued for Inheritance Tax purposes.

Expert witness reports

Expert witness reports are often required as part of a court procedure and can be in connection with matrimonial proceedings, boundary disputes and leasehold reform claims to name a few. If it requires a property related valuation, it is likely we can assist you.

This work can be complex, and it is necessary to have a valuation surveyor of suitable experience in order to satisfy the court’s directions. The work is often initially via written submissions, but it can require the expert to appear in court, of which we have experience in both areas.

Charities Act valuations

If a charity is looking to acquire or dispose of an asset, it is required to obtain a valuation that complies with the Charities Act. We can provide your charity organisation with the necessary valuation, along with any further advice needed to gain best value for the property asset.

Residential and commercial development appraisals

Our surveying team act on behalf of developers, investors and secured lenders to assess viability of residential, mixed and commercial schemes. Our in-depth knowledge of the development market and specialist software allow us to provide appropriate advice and development appraisals. We can also conduct feasibility studies in relation to social housing commitments.

LPA Receivership appointments

We have much experience in being appointed as receivers under the Law of Property Act (LPA Receiver) of behalf of major banks. We are able to provide advice to other trustees in bankruptcy.

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