According to a 2016 Post Office Money Mortgages report, a UK home sits on the market for an average of 91 days, approximately three months, before it is sold. This can feel like an age in itself, so any longer can really pile on the pressure. We know from experience that any non-mover can quickly be transformed into a sale with the right amount of dedication, local knowledge and initiative. Here are the most common reasons why your home may not be selling and the actions we have taken that have worked for our past clients.

Improve online promotion

As we discussed in a recent Rightmove feature, online platforms are the first port of call during the buying process. Common profile mistakes can easily be made if you’re in a rush: you don’t include a floor plan alongside photography, your images are dark and gloomy and the listing isn’t well-written or thorough, for example.

What to do: Work with your agent to update your profile to the highest quality. Don’t make the mistake of overwhelming your audience with reams of pictures, as tempting as it may be. 12 of the best features should do; leave something extra for the viewer to see on the day.

Try a different approach

Property auctions were once thought of as an alternative approach to selling your property. However, the Austin Gray Auction House Sussex team have had a record-breaking year, with an increasing number of first-time buyers entering the auction room and regional auctions outshining national residential sales.

What to do: Auctions are usually accessible to the public, for buyers and observers.  Auctioneer Nick Muston from Austin Gray (Auction House Sussex), says: “Both buyers and sellers like the transparency of the open market bidding arena. The speed of an auction is a big attraction, with the process sometimes taking as little as 8 weeks, from catalogue, to completion. We will be holding our next auction on the 8th of December which is open to buyers, sellers and observers.

Invest in a professional valuation

Your home may tick the boxes: it’s in a popular area, near a good transport link, the area is clean, the atmosphere is family friendly, but property brackets still differ within a single city, sometimes along a lengthy street. A myriad of factors can affect the value of your property, from storage space and layout to wear and tear.

What to do: One of the most common reasons why sellers struggle to attract buyers is because they have decided upon a price without investing in a qualified valuation by a local agent. Start with a competitive price that won’t deter buyers.

Consider a property open day

If you have taken the steps you need to promote your property but you’re still struggling to sell, create the buzz you need for a quick sell by hosting an open day. Open days have proved highly successful for previous clients who were looking to sell quickly without compromising on price.

What to do: If you opt for an open day event at your property, your estate agent should do the work for you by contacting potential buyers to ensure a one-day sales opportunity, acting as a guide on the day, then handling the negotiations once a buyer has been found.

Find the right agent!

Our industry is directly reliant upon word of mouth and repeat business as an upshot of high-quality service and fast results. The best agent will understand your area, take care of all the aspects of the selling process, maintain continuous communication at every stage, and take the initiative to promptly organise an event, like an open day, to attract the right buyers for your home.

It’s our job to monitor your property chain, promote your property and negotiate the best price.  Professionalism, expertise and service: the three cornerstones of a great process.

Austin Gray are true experts in their field. They promptly organised an open day for the sale of our house on a Saturday and we had secured an offer for the full asking price by the following Monday. They were fantastically supportive and competently managed mine and the buyer’s expectations with open and honest communication. Graham’s grounded advice and realistic approach enabled us to attract the right buyers and to sell our house for the right price. – Jo, May 2016

Our property clients benefit from living in one of the most popular areas in the country. However, if you’re moving into the area and you’re struggling to find the right home for you, or you need an extra hand to complete a swift sale on your Brighton property, please contact Graham on 01273 223 544 or email.