We recently covered some of the things you can do to add value to your home and get it ready for the market. But once the viewings start booking up, what other things can you do to maximise its appeal during the viewings process?

Home staging, or property styling, is a term that UK property professionals and sellers have paid more attention to in recent years and refers to the art of styling your home to be more appealing to potential buyers and help them visualise themselves living in the space. We’ve outlined a few key tips to consider below.

Keep home accessories subtle

If you decide to add accessories, such as candles, plants or ornaments, to rooms in your home, try to stick to things that are subtle and appealing and avoid any overpowering or heavily perfumed scents. Simple additions of low-maintenance plants and greenery, such as succulents or spider plants, can help to create calm and welcoming environments. Pair this with fresh and subtle home fragrances to create an appealing space and open up your windows to air rooms out.

Tidy, inviting and open spaces

You will be surprised by the difference that putting out clean, folded towels, new sofa cushions or freshly changed sheets can make to the impression of your rooms. Combine this simple styling technique with an objective appraisal of your room to identify what furniture or clutter can be removed or rearranged to create a more open layout. Decluttering also removes some elements of personalisation within a room, which can help prospective buyers to visualise their own use of the space.

Consider the lighting in your rooms

Lighting can be a clever technique to create atmosphere within a space or illuminate rooms to appear bigger and brighter. Consider changing some of the bulbs in rooms you want to appear brighter or where you could create a warmer, cosier feeling with dimmer bulbs.

Emphasise your key selling points

Does your home benefit from unique or period features such as an original fireplace or a Victorian cornice? Make the most of them and emphasise key features so that potential buyers won’t be able to miss them. It could be as simple as a new coat of paint to create a contrast between wall and ceiling and highlight them in a striking way that catches the eye.

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