With flowers in bloom, extra daylight and a general feel-good factor in the air, it’s no wonder spring consistently comes out on top where buying and selling homes are concerned. With more potential buyers looking for their next home, spring is the optimum time to sell. It’s not enough to rely on seasonality, though, and there are a few steps you should take to get your home market-ready and, potentially, increase its value!

Beautify your interiors

The first thing you’ll need to consider is your home’s look. Whether they’re house hunting online or in estate agents’ windows, the first thing potential buyers will be looking for are great pictures.

Step one is to make sure everything’s looking professional, fresh and in good condition. It’s worth considering giving the walls a fresh lick of paint and getting any niggly, minor DIY jobs done. It doesn’t stop here though.

To make sure your home is ready for its closeup, you might want to think about home staging. Put simply, staging is all about illusions. With this process, you’re trying to create a sense of space, light, cleanliness and warmth. After making the initial fixes, staging is the finishing touch to paint your home in a more aspirational light.

Our staging tips? Make sure all furniture is arranged in a cohesive group, showcase a range of soft and comfortable fabrics (like wool and satin) and make sure any eye-catching features are placed in attractive areas in your home. Whilst it’s wise not to over clutter your home, it can be beneficial to keep a few knick-knacks on display, to make sure you retain some personality.

Whilst you’re giving your home a makeover, consider showing your kitchen some love. Often considered the most valuable room in the house, make sure your kitchen is clean, tidy and give it any TLC it might need.

Take the necessary pre-viewing steps…

Once your home is out there on the market, it’s only a matter of time before viewings will start to be booked in – especially if you’ve followed the above steps and made your home picture perfect!

You’ll want to think carefully about the light in your home. In particular, consider the time of day viewings are taking place. Midday is an optimum time for most properties in terms of natural light. If the viewing is taking place in the daytime, make sure nothing’s obstructing the windows and allow the light to shine through. If there are any dark corners of your home that don’t get much sunlight, consider leaving lights on or placing mirrors in light-catching places to add a light and bright feel.

At night-time keep the lights on and, if possible, adjust the brightness to the room. For example, you won’t need your bedroom to be as brightly lit as your kitchen and bathroom. Your living room, meanwhile, should fall somewhere between these two levels of brightness to create a comfortable and relaxing feel.

Once house hunters are in your home, you’ll be relying on more than just your immaculate design and organisation. Make sure any disruptive noise within your home is kept to a minimum as much as possible (although this is easier said than done). Pay attention to any smells within your home as well. Make sure your house is kept very clean and that there are no cooking smells or pet scents lurking. For this reason, it’s worth investing in some scented candles or room diffusers in order to cover up any smells you might not have noticed.

Don’t forget the outside…

Your exterior is just as important as your interior. In fact, this is the first thing potential buyers will see when they arrive for their viewing, and in property, first impressions count for everything.

Spring time is a great time to sell for this reason. Everything looks great against the backdrop of a blue sky and any flowerbeds will be in full bloom. Make sure that your give your garden a bit of love by taming any runaway plants and deadheading any wilting flowers. For many buyers, a well-kept garden equates to a well-kept house, so making sure your greenery is in good shape is key.

It’s also prudent to give your front door and exterior window frames a fresh coat of paint. Again, house hunters will look at these for an indication of the state of your property so making sure your windows and doors are in good order is a small price to pay.

When it comes to your outside spaces, it’s also wise to move your car, especially if you have designated parking or a driveway. Off-street or convenient parking is a massive draw for any buyer, so making their life easier before they even walk in the door is always a plus.

With the busy spring season around the corner, it’s important to make sure your home is presented in it’s best light by industry experts who know the area inside out. At Austin Gray, we have a wealth of experience in the Brighton and Hove market and are always happy to offer impartial advice to anyone looking to sell their home. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions; we’ll be happy to help!