Austin Gray has teamed up with leading property service provider to share our advice on what tricks and hurdles to watch out for in a seller’s market – particularly within highly competitive property areas like Brighton and Hove.

From gazumping and offer withdrawals, to bidding wars and even discrimination, the UK seller’s market  can sometimes become overwhelming and fraught with uncertainty. As we explain, there is a handful of reasons why a seller chooses to end a sale, many of which can be traced back to the health of the localised property market and upcoming changes that could affect price and demand.

Rather than feel swamped or stressed over in the UK seller’s market, we recommend relying upon a local, expert service to make a real different to the process. Austin Gray provide step-by-step advice from start to finish so that buyers can begin their new lives along the beautiful Sussex coastline sooner rather than later! Our client-centric approach ensures the highest levels of professionalism and we strive to achieve the best possible prices when managing our property assets.

Read up on the most common reasons why a seller may pull out of an agreement, penned by our own industry expert, Graham Farthing:

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The latest set of housing policies are primarily focused on getting more Britons on to the ladder, but what do you do when the buying process breaks down?

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