Past misconceptions and misunderstandings about property auctions in the UK have been replaced by appreciation and transactions as this once niche property option has quickly become a popular, mainstream route. Property auction lots range from residential and commercial offerings to development sites and land. As one of the leading property auctioneers in the south of England, we know the true value and potential of the auctioneering market in the UK and the benefits that are helping to transform traditional property activity.

What are the benefits?

Fast transactions – If you need a home or investment quickly, buying at auction is one of the fastest ways to seal a deal. Property auctions are often attended by landlords and investors who are looking for affordable lots to expand their portfolios, alongside residential homeowners.

Access to great properties – Focusing on the outdated stigma that auction sales are only for dilapidated and unsaleable properties could damage your chances of finding your dream home. There is a variety of solid reasons to choose an auction when selling your home, such as wanting a quick sale or avoiding unnecessary administrative costs. Austin Gray has had a huge amount of success selling flats and houses in good condition at residential market prices under the hammer.

Secure – An immediate exchange of contracts takes place inside the auction room with a set completion date agreed. A contract exchanges hands on the day with all the terms and conditions supplied, without the worry of chain falling through.

No hidden catches – Austin Gray work in some of the hottest property markets in the UK, including some of the strongest gazumping areas in the country: a controversial practice of making a higher offer on a property after another offer has been accepted to overthrow a sale. Property buyers can avoid the prospect of being gazumped altogether in the most competitive of markets at auction as a contract is binding from the moment the gavel hits the block.

Brilliant deals – The transparent but competitive atmosphere inside the auction room can achieve the best possible prices for sellers and create opportunities for buyers to snap up a rare gem. If you do your homework, view the property and make the necessary arrangements before the day, a property auction can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Remember that you are responsible for a property once it is bought so really get to know the property beforehand. Legal packs for each property can be supplied by Austin Gray prior to the auction.

Proxy Bids – If you are unable to attend a live auction, we accept proxy bids by either commission or over the telephone from anywhere in the world, making the process even more accessible and simple for buyers.

How we can help

Austin Gray provide a stress-free, all-inclusive service with a motivated team that consistently achieve a high sale rate. We utilise our marketing and sales expertise to supply a professional and knowledgeable service that has gained a highly regarded reputation.

The Austin Gray website includes information for buyers and sellers alongside our current property and land catalogues. If you would like to use our auctioneering services, please contact the team on 01273 20 19 80 or email We look forward to hearing from you.