Austin Gray Residential Partner Graham Farthing has been in the business of selling property in the competitive Sussex market for more than 30 years. Graham loves what he does and is passionate about high street customer care and quality in a time when online agents are losing trust. In his latest market discussion, he outlines the 5 signs to look for in a great property agent to manage the sale of your home or investment.

An honest valuation from the outset

“All too often, our clients complain about how they have been treated by an agent in the past. We know, for example, that setting an appropriate price can mean the difference between a quick sale and a stall. Many estate agents do not appraise a property honestly by setting a price that is unrealistic in a market climate, then feign surprise when the property doesn’t sell. Rather than taking a chance on a high valuation, then chipping away at the price until it’s finally appealing to buyers, we set a price that is both profitable and realistic to speed up a sale and minimise disruption.”

A proactive approach to selling every property

“Communication is crucial during the early stages of selling a home to ensure that any property is the best that it can be when it goes on to the market. The best agents return every call and answer every concern, because grey areas can quickly scupper the progression of a deal. A good agent should tell you what specific work needs to be done to your property before it is presented to the public to broaden its appeal and market value. If there’s a part of the home that may be off-putting for buyers, that issue should be identified straight away and acted on accordingly.”

Passion for proper presentation

“Buyers today expect to see the whole package: beautiful online presentation with a variety of images to a professional standard, and one-dimensional floor plans to visualise life inside a property. Cutting corners at any stage of a property deal, from promotion to negotiation, is a false economy. That’s why we invest in promotion across multiple platforms to leave no stone unturned, which is what any agent should do to prompt a sale.”

A proven track record in management and sales

“Estate agents on the high street put on many hats in the morning: area guide, advisor, valuator and surveyor, negotiator, project manager and relationship manager. These multi-faceted skills are why high street estate agents remain the first port of call for sellers, and are how we prove our worth in a competitive industry. As a client, you should expect an equally dedicated service, whatever the valuation of your home.”

Recommendations from buyers and sellers

“Despite huge progress in the way we buy, sell and promote property, a common theme has remained the same in my 30 years in estate agency: people buy from people. Traditional testimonials are what we often look for when we commit to buying big items because they cut through the noise straight to what people really think about a product or service. A staggering 77% of us now look at online reviews before buying a product, and I can’t think of a bigger investment than bricks and mortar. So always be suspicious of an agency website that doesn’t include a long list of positive recommendations from buyers and sellers.”

Austin Gray is passionate about the services we provide to both our buyers and sellers. If you’re looking to sell your home, please get in touch.

Graham Farthing

DD: 01273 223544


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